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INTRODUCTION: I have developed this page "manually", writing the code myself. ("For free")

I have chosen this way to assure you I can develop "Small webs and HTML based help systems", "Guided learning" or "HTML help" with out the use of commercial design engines. Additionally, "MANY SERVICES" "make you sign over "all your rights", to anything posted on their site."

PROFESIONAL RESUME: My work History spans across "various SKILL sets".

In between "ENGINEERING" Positions, I tend to work in "CAD" to simply be employed. I have other skills and abilities that are hard to represent "Visually". This web was designed to: explain my history, demonstrate my skills and seek "commensurate" employment.

STATEMENT: My "Present Position" is due to unforeseen circumstances.If you are not a Recruiter or HR Representative, May I suggest Viewing My "Illustations and Animations" 1st. They are Easiest to Understand Visually. I have performed the "Calculations" and "Project Engineering" as well, those skills are just harder to demonstrate "Visually".

WORK PORTFOLIO: These are Samples of work "I" actually Performed.

My "Intent" is to SUBSTANTIATE my abilities to "Contribute and Perform" many varied Tasks. I'm highly adaptive to learning new "software and concepts".

OBJECTIVE: TO FIND "FAIR" EMPLOYMENT. I find myself having to "start my career over", having "postphoned" my career responding to "family circumstances".
I've had to delay changing jobs. Now seeking to return to "Engineering and Support". CAD "an option" but I possess a relativily high skill set. Please review my "skillset match" page - It's is a "Measurement" of "Employment vs. Skill Set."

Personal Dossier: (Requires a Password for Access)

This is a chance to Share with Personal friends, family and associates of my skills and interests beyond work. A history "to a degree" of my "involvement and creations" over the years. A view into "Music" I wrote, "Art" I created

OBSERVATION: I've seen many "less skilled" go on to great positons. I have been caught in the "cross fire" of lay offs more than a few times. I have been "underemeployed" as well. I am simply trying to improve my "life, career and position" after damages by some "Unfair practices" and "lack of opprotunity".

SHORT TERM CAD SERVICES: I am seeking to offer "short term CAD support" in a variety of Areas. I'm typically less expensive. Affordable, without having to hire full time support.