(I'll put the songs in later today" I'm "dated" and not "18" anymore . We grooved on Funk and Parliament in the 70's. SO I started my 1st bands.

Before you listen, I was always trying to create "my own sound". I'm not trying to compete with "hip hop". Don't get me wrong I like "Hip Hop". I was there for the 1st Rap songs, "King Tim the 3rd", "The Sugarhill gang" and "The Sequence" from Columbia S.C. were the "style of the day". Maybe less sophisticated compared to todays "RAP". So in 1979 - We had our 1st RAP Group "KoolAid".

Back then it was the "808" drums. While Prince ruled with the Minneapolis sound and Rick James ruled "Funk" and MJ ruled "POP". But now, I find that everyone has the same sound by using the same tools. (protools).

Me? I just want to do my own thing- I'm "sorry" if its not to "your taste".


1989-(Reflexion Series)


*You can't walk on Water*

*I just can't sleep at night*

*You Could be Free*


(T Adonis - Series)
- Please excuse the primitive techniques - These Songs were made differently. My Bands were sucessful but it was hard to get them to create our own music and we only covered other bands tunes. SO I stepped out on my own, Plus I played all the instrumentsto write the songs. SO my sound is limited but written for a band to play, not just me.

I had "no access" to any studio equipment when I first tried writing a song. So here's what I did. I had a cheap stereo system with Microphone Inputs, so I rented another Stereo system with mic inputs from a "rent to own center". I then played one track usually drums 1st- using the automatic drums on a "Mini Casio Keyboard" as my base track. Then taped the output out from "stereo one" to the right channnel of "stereo 2", while then adding a bass line using an old beat up bass I made from an old bass frame and a guitar pickup from a cheap $30 dollar guitar, on the left microphone input. Then played that "stereo output" back into the "1st stereo mic input" and added keyboard lines. I did this back and forth until I made a song. Of course sound degrades as I made "copies of copies" and "tempo changes" occurred bouncing back between systems- so musical keys became more "sharp or flat". This is the reason for some things being slightly out of key. But I did what I could "with what I had". "Try not to laugh, I was poor". Please don't be "too critical" of my attempts, I just wanted to try to write some songs, but in S.C. I no longer worked in a band so there was no money for studio time at $100.00 an hour.


Please excuse the primitive techniques.
I'm just a guy "with no training" who liked music.>

*Dhem Boize(Original version)*

Song BY Grenade Brothers (a Friend w/ me on guitar)(Untitled)*

Find The Love*


(My "Groove Master" Series)
I did these on a 4 track tascam and a yamaha drum machine Rx-17. SO AMbiance was limited on drums.While limited to four tracks. SO don't expect a symphony.

*L.A. Sunshine*


*Dhem Boise (Smooth version)*


*"Smooth Groove" F/ Daryl Pearson*

2018 collection

I just got "Fruity Loops" so "at my age" I thought I'd "try" to write a few more songs.
(TBA Series)




Theres lots of Guys I'd like to thank and have been around since my youth for Inspiration. "IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER". because Artists can be very "sensitive". All are My superiors Musically. Thank you , you are remembered.

  • BAD FROM THE BURG-"Dhem Boize"
  • Steve Allen - Drums (DC "Go Go")
  • Zachary Bolden - Bass- Also on soundcloud (BFF)
  • Stan Arrington - Sax
  • Ricky Harrison - Drums
  • Dr. Marshall Evans - Keyboards.
  • Lamont Zimmerman - Guitar
  • Ulyssees Jones - Guitar
  • Thomas Guess. - RAP
  • Mack Paul - Sax - Rap (Kool-AID: Big Mack Attack / Disco Tex)
  • Derrick Aiken - Rap (Kool-AID: Dr Dee/ Dee Kidd)
  • David Goings- Bass - "Studio Mastermind"
  • Melvin Muller (R.I.P.) & Troy Mack - Guitars and Vocals (Wonder Twin Powers) W/ Daryl Wolfe- THE PERFECT TRIFECTA.

  • Joseph Johnson (Sugar Bear) Guitar
  • Derrick Mckenzie - the "Drummers Drummer" to this day. (linkedIn)
  • Ricky "Kimbro" Harris - Bass and Vocals. (Emory Towers)
  • Jackie R. Brown - vocals
  • Pam Baxter - The "second Dianna Ross"

  • Edward Johnson- ORBG SC version of Stevie Wonder
  • Edward Conners- Drummer - "Cosmos Energy Band and Show".
  • Stanley Hubbard - Guitar (Explained to me you need talent 1st)
  • Jeffry Stocks- Drums
  • My "Dream Girl"- "Cherry Footman". SHe could do "everything".
  • Grenade Brothers - Keyboards

  • The COLUMBIA CONNECTION "The Seduction"
  • Gerald Gallman- LFG productions (writer Singer keyboards production)
  • Dezaray Star - Bass "Still a Performing Artist" (you tube- Columbia SC)
  • Mark Sampson - Guitar

  • Daryl Pearson - Bass - Atlanta GA
  • Mr. Mark Miller - Bassist. Production. Writer(Semper Fi)
  • Dr. Stanley Morgan- "Guitarist Supreme". ("Real" Doctorate not like Dre'-Steve Vai "coated brown". If I did have to go to the "Crossroads" I'm taking this guy with me.)

  • Shirley Lebby- Composer
  • Mrs. Ann Young Brown- "Queen Ann don't play"
  • Mr. Willie Darby -"Its Clear he played Soul before he gave it all to GOD". "True Old School Master".
  • *"Cherry Footman". Like I said "She could do "everything".

  • Hall of Fame
  • Maria Howell - Vocalist - The "True Professional." (Movie:Color Purple- "TV" lots...World Class)

  • Leonard Cody - "Rock" Drummer

  • Stanley "Must be the Music" Snyder - Vocals- You know the song. (You Tube- "Secret Weapon")

  • Rev. William Dash -Vocalist (Erko)(R.I.P.)
  • Burt "Master Cheese" Cheesboro "DJ" - "Played Bass in my first band"(R.I.P.)
  • Marshall "Jr." Amaker- AKA "Doctor Bag" - Percussion (R.I.P.)
  • Greg Bolden - Bass (R.I.P.) "One of The Original Players"

  • Would blow "your mind" and anything thing else destructable
  • And Daryl Burnham Special effects- "Gun powder" for Pyrotechniques, "who would've thought" (smile).

    "Wow , I actually used to have friends...."