Project: HUSKY & Project: Tokyo Electron "1"

Custom Switchgear Design

Initial Circumstances

I was hired to Design control Panels.
I Found they had little to no Documentation.
Previous Documentation was all hand sketches.
I Created 2D Design and modularization and
Standardization of units for mass production.
I Designed CAD Menu system in Autocad Lt to Simply design.
and increase productivity.

Customized Panel Design

I was repsonsible for receiving and review of customer schematics.
creation of project management documentation.
Full CAD Design of "customized" "multi bay" switchgear panels.
I was responsible for heavy customer contact on design and quality issues.
Eplan was tool of Customer, so became E-plan literate.
EPLAN was used to automate wiring lists and data extraction.
I handled creation of assembly documentation. Multiple Simultaneous projects.

While I also Supported CAD personnel and equipment in various departments in our facilty.

Post Development

I Trained New Engineers in use of my CAD tools,
in order to design more panels without CAD knowledge or training.
CAD design then done by copying my designs,
then making changes to customize units.

Created matrixes in Excel to indentify Process Improvement.
Created matrix to identify similar panels to reduce design time.

Significant Increase in productivity and revenue.

We saw Growth from 1-3 panels per week to
5- 7 panels & "special" large panels per week.

I also handled mechanical design of special structural members ,supports and cables.
Created ECO's and ECN's. Writing of ISO procedures.
Part and drawing number control.
Later I performed parts database normalization.

Project: Tokyo Electron 1

Assigned to repeat enhancements for Tokyo Electron project to incresase production.
Tel 1- Customization of Promis-e ADS for wire information extraction.
perfomed same task of modularization and satndardization. Menu development again.
Handed off to other Engineers for use.
Eventually I took over Tel projects design after other Engineers departed.
I was assigned to be the Department Liason to IT department to support the IT department. I was also appointed "process owner" for CAD and CAE softwares.