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A Visual History of My Designs, Programs and Development


It seems many want to question the "color and appearance" of these models rather than the performance for design.
Please note in most cases I am not doing archetectural Design
Where the realism is critical to the reason for the drawing
to visualize the final design in a realistic lighting and appearance possible.

Sure I can make beetr visualiztion, but thats not the focus unless needed.
Things tend to blend togher and dimensions get lost in the natural colors of reality.
Althiough everything I design only needs to add the materails and realistic is capable from the same drawing.
In these cases the designs or used for designing "fit and function".
In order to assure and proof the intergration of equipment at lower cost and time.

assure the mating of equipment and design features to make sure things work
Most of these models only took a few hours to make to scale,
While I am able to extract 2d meachanical and assembly drawings from the same file with ease.
Thuis changes to the model are immediately respected in the 2-d drawings needed for manufacture or as-builts.
So far I have not mised in over 15 years as to assurance of evrything fitting and matching
Whereas I have seen many compny employees devote enormous time at cost to create a "pretty picture"becaue they have a better computer assigned and access to the software.
but seen many misses and near misses which were costly and did not function or mate.
creating cost to the company in redesign, rework and time and materials.
The vibrant colors are designed to help me distinctly differentiate
between parts, assemblys, features and environment to assure you get what you paid for.
I've seen time wasted on Solid works and other packages to create a nice photo
Not saying the software isnt nice and images are nt attractive, but saying "was the effort necesary and integral to the purpose needed?"
To try to impress and vanity,. Animations which make no difference in proofing design to see a door open , something vibrate or shake, but can't be connected and proofed to performance.
Thats when simulation software is the preference not just a "dancing machine".
I work equally as well with "CAE and simulation" when given the hardware, software and opprotunity
But reserve that for its purpose not just for others to gawk at what the software can do.
Typically I can adapt to most cad and CAE software in a few weeks as long as I have access to the program
Enough time to realate it to my skill set and extra skills to program in various languages or customize as long as the documentation and a tutorial is available.
With me you get your moneys worth in performance not just facades

If your looking for visuals that look rendered enough to be realistic
Please see my page on Renderings. My only challenge is that many companies
Hire and and have faith in those who got here 1st but havent fully exploited the software abilties
Self taught - as if hired no one tends to send me to the training to grow my career, but to classes where i have master enough that people ask me questions at the seminar or training class.
So I usually spend that time asking questions above the level of the course work to bring back and solve problems not identified in the training manuals, I had access to, if at all.
Whereas I've seen my work used at other companies as most don't even bother to change variable names in order to carry what I created to make them top dog at another company.

Meanwhile trying to limit me with the lowest performing computer or Software.
While If i show proficiency without training, others tend to want to learn , reverse engineer and even hide books and keys to assure my work isn't compared to theirs
Many will try to get me laid off while hiring others who are friends to maintain their superior position. While only a rare few show respect of simply acknowliging what I do.

I promise you CAD and CAE is not the limits of my abilties. But when it comes to programming, data extraction from drawings, database encapsulation, Queries and reports and automating and enhancing your departments accuracy , I am "Among" the best.

Capable of "quick quotes" ,cost estimates and project management as well. as I have performed all these duties when others find new jobs and say they need a replacement until they can hire a friend.