Computer Aided Design and Engineering


·       Mechanical

·       Electrical

·       Facilities

·       Technical Illustration


·       Autocad 2.6-Auto cad 2013 from Autocad from 1989 to present.

·       Microstation VM8- Wrigley- No formal training. Given 5 days to manage to learn and produce as job perquisite.

·       I.D.E.A.S. – briefly worked in IDEAs to do 3d development of parts and assemblies

·       Inventor 5 – Haven’t worked in Inventor since 2001

·       Solid works – Limited Ability – as needed basis

·       Google Sketch up – Present learning

Design and Drafting:

·       Part drawings: Siemens, Bonner technology group,

·       Shop Drawings: Siemens, Bonner technology group,

·       Loops: Siemens. SL.King , Polysius, Ray group consulting

·       Schematics: Various. Atlanta tech support, Wrigley, Siemens,

·       Illustrations – Various. Atlanta tech support, Wrigley, Siemens,

·       Gis Mapping – Rosser Lowe Engineers – Georgia power Untility mapping

·       Panel Layouts- AMEC, Wrigley, Siemens, Advantage Industrial , MR systems

·       Security Design – Olympics 1996- Event management- Broadstone Management group – Jan to Aug 1996

·       PID’s and PFD’s- Various: Siemens, Wrigley, Atlanta Technical Support

Autocad Software Customization:

·       Menu System

·       Autolisp

·       VBA for Autocad









Siemens Energy and Automation                                                      Aug 1994- Nov 2001

Systems Engineer

Department: Large and Medium Voltage Drives

Project:  Custom Controls Switchgear

Before 1-3 Units per week. 5-8 Units per week. 2 larger special Units.

Switchgear for Plastic Mold Extrusion Equipment.

·        Heavy Customer contact and review.

·         Received customized schematic. 

·        Created production documentation packages.

·        Designed layout of multibay multipanel custom switchgear.

·        Design of operator panels and pushbuttons.

·        Captured manufacturing process and error resolution in database for future units.

·        Support to assembly personnel in resolving assembly issues.

·        Development of all mechanical layouts and documentation.

·        Ordering of long lead and Assembly parts through purchasing department.

·        Generate bill of materials for manufacture. Sort by operation codes.

·        Design of any special brackets, structures or supports and special cables.

·         Manufacturing and shop drawings of special equipment.

·         Cost estimate and design preview sent to customer for review.

·        Inspection of controls design for design and manufacture issues.

·        Wire list generation.

·        QA and check incoming parts for accuracy and match specifications.

·        Heavy vendor contact or manufacture of contracted items.

·        Costing and assignment of labor.

·        Use and customization of autocad to facilitate other engineers capability to dsign. Autocad. E-plan. Promis-E.




Siemens Energy and Automation

Systems Engineer

Department: Large and Medium Voltage Drives

Product: Tel Cleantrack switchgear AC power box 1 and 2

Project:  Re Specification redesign, porotype  of Two new unit lines of custom Switchgear for use in clean rooms.

Replace Asian market equipment with American Based Components and design control panel to fit specified foot prints. 2 New Unit Models for Customized production. 

5-8 Units per week.


Heavy customer contact with customer on design issues. Analysis of electrical schematics.

·        Specification and selection of US market components to replace Asian market equipment and parts.

·        Prototype design of two different base units to be used for mass manufacture but customized per each unit.

·        Redesign of schematics in promis-e for wire list generation and data extraction.

·        3D model and design of control panel with subpanels and equipment to match footprint requirements. Easy of assembly and repair.

·        Design of mounting brackets and supports for internal parts.

·        Follow up with assembly on best manufacturing practices and tools.

·        Time study’s of various operation centers and costing of parts.

·        Assignment of assembly personnel.

·        Database creation for unit development errors and best practices. Drawings and mechanical assembly drawings.

·        Create bill of materials and order parts.

·        Customization of AutoCAD And AutoCAD e to make management and design more modular and simplified.

·        Automate the filling out of routine documents for production.

·        Travel to customer site for installation and commissioning.