Experience: HTML Documentation and Programming




Worked in HTML with Robohtml.
Created HTML based help systems instead of Bound Drawings, and Engineering manuals to accompany products.

Small HTML webs for Help, Instruction, Reference and Guided Learning.

"HTML familar" Not web developer. Knowledgable use of Web Design Tools, but can develop simple HTML pages without a Engine like "WIX".

Thus able to freely develop for commercial purposes without encountering "fees and Intellectual Property concerns" or liscences.

I develop using the "book" as guidance- I am not a "web Developer"- But familar with the "skills and tools".

Have Created fully compatible "Windows meta help files". Fully "searchable by keyword", but also a "Table of Contents and Chapter" treestyle, for navigation through Documentation. I've Created "Help systems", "System Manuals", & "Commissioning tools" for Company use, some Active-x controls for HTML. Slighly outdated technology but sometimes "Useful"