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Hi.. I can say I was actually on ESPN.."Almost".

They forgot my close up! (Everyone else got one)

"Firearms Training Systems"

My position was as a "Designer". My job entailed the redesign of weapons to accomodate a Simulated Firearms System using Co2 to simulate actual feel and weapon response when firing at simulated scenarios on a video screen.
We did this for Military and Law enforcement training.
I also particpated in design and layout of the control panels .
Since it involves " the Military and Law Enforcement", I tend not to discuss details.

At 1:15 mark: Our employer Jody Scheckter former "world class" 
"CHAMPION" Formula 1 race car driver. 
The President and Business Owner was Interviewed by ESPN.(1989)

Thats me at the 2:00 minute mark.."Almost"

Looks like they forgot my "close up"(LOL) 

Thats my "Sig Sauer- 9mm Pistol CAD drawing on the computer screen." 

1988- I also appeared in commercial 
on "ABC- WSB Channel 2" in Atlanta for "Balin Institute of Technology", 
I don't have a clip. "No one told me. They filmed me one day at school and others but I was just told "he looks smart enough" , just stand here and look like your learning. (LOL) We're just taking photos" 
But I found it on TV one day, while I was home watching TV eating my lunch.  
"Somebody owes me a check"..(Smile)


I have more than a few associates who served in "law enforcement" and "Religious Ministry", most of my home town clasmates ,friends and myself "all voluntered" for the Military. I have a great respect for Authority but "only" in terms of "Justice" and "Defence of the United states Constitution". Many of my friends are retired officers and "Non comms". I was in the Army reserves. I keep my opinions to myself and do not discuss religion or politics on the job.